I have had very personal opinions on this issue for a VERY long time. Wondering if anyone else has had these same thoughts/ opinions/ or views...

Merriam Webster defines "role model as a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others."

Those in the public eye and those deeply involved in the mainstream media uphold a platform to influence society, and it's people. Of course, there is the idea of expression, and even the mainstream have the right to express themselves in any way they deem necessary.

There are two possible variables that I believe may have impacted our standard view of "role models" and how they have changed and evolved through time, as well as it's purpose.

1. IGNORANCE: MANY (not all) of our current mainstream influencers just do not seem to realize their potency and effective nature of their expression, especially on our youth. You cannot mature the immature, many of these "role models" have shown that their state of priorities is nothing but in place. They have highlighted and stressed their opinion of importance on money, cars, mansions, guns (promoting violence), brand names, sex and more! This has always been the case, the voice of many past rebel influencers have always been present in our society. However, now the mainstream media has woven its immoral themes throughout modern day music, television, film, and culture.

As adults, we can listen to this "trap culture" while we are at a club, bar, party and enjoy it without thinking too hard or let it impact our daily outlook on life. This cannot be said for our youth these days. They look at these "rap stars" as someone who is trending, popular, and begin to emulate their expression because it is "cool". There has NEVER been a day in age until now that it has become normalized for young teens (specifically boys) to begin "selling drugs." While the misogynistic view of women twerking and portrayed as a thot, trap queen, or bitch used primarily for the sexual pleasure of a man.

(Think of all those music videos you've seen where the man is just raining money on women with fat asses twerking at a club, party) I'm sure followed by a scene or two of men wearing the latest Jordans while holding and waving around their guns. This has all been glamorized and spun to be "cool" and normal WE MUST stop condoning, and upholding the influences of crime, hate, materialism, misogyny, and violence. We as a species should be more intelligent and evolved at this point. To be living through such superficial means is extremely ignorant, materialistic, and childish.

While these influences are gaining traction there are many subliminal implications that a man is only as valuable as his "hustle" and women resort to relying on their sexuality, beauty through the use of sexual exploitation. This is a conditioning tactic that works! The young generation buy into this and begin following suit and begin posting their materials; money, shoes, luxury items tc. on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. "Bragging" that they are the man, while the women post sexually explicit graphic images with the hopes of gaining popularity and likes. We live in a sensationalized celebrity-obsessed society where EVERYONE is involved in the social media "image".

Here is a thought- you know what is impressive? Intellect. Having something of value to offer. Talent. Education. Instead of posting "bragging rights" why not post something with an actual impact and purpose? Its not about what shoes are on your feet, but what is in your mind. Perhaps you could use your voice to spread cancer awareness, Global Warming, Anti-Animal Abuse, or LGBTQ rights? Have something worthwhile to fight for and promote and ONLY then your TRUE value will increase.

2. HIRED TO INFLUENCE: These "role models" are hired, and paid extremely well. Many actually do not have a say in the matter of what they do as they are only following through with their contracts. Beings they make so much money, they don't ask questions and do what their record label and investors want them to do. They are merely puppets, pieces on a chess board moved around by the higher-ups.

The mainstream media WANTS to keep our society dumb, unaware, uneducated, and superficial. WHY? Because it makes them money! Keeping sales coming in, and the economy booming! Keeps their people worried about the new pair of Jordans, the newest iPhone or technology, and the need to acquire more and more materialistic things continues to grow. Let's be real it is GREAT for our economy. Keep the people materialistic, and their priorities out of whack and they will feed the material machine. An intelligent, well educated, highly curious society would be much too involved and evolved for our government to handle. They want to keep us subdued so that they can continue their corrupt ventures conditioning and blinding, in order to gain profit and power over the people in order to prevent a coup d' etat uprising.

Many of these mainstream celebrity have become immortalized, worshipped, and glorified, almost cherished in a godly way. Although I am casual fans of some of these "artists" I can still judge without prejudice, I can still step back and realize that these influencers are not empowering and uplifting society but may be contributing towards the opposite. Promoting materialism, money, misogyny, sex, and drugs... I believe that some of our many "bad seeds" on our stage of "role models" include;

Rihanna (Who also does a lot of good, but significantly contributes to the bad), Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Migos, Quavo, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi, Future, Lil Wayne, Birdman, A Boogie, DONALD TRUMP (Cue the eye roll), Drake, Kanye West, and MANY others have contributed towards progressing this negative movement. The list goes on and on!

What the youth doesn't seem to realize is that none of their "idols" are what they think... Most of these gangsters in the rap industry are far from true gangsters. Most of those guns are fake, most of that money is Hollywood fake money, the strippers have been paid, the car leased, and the jewelry lent. It is ALL an illusion kids! These videos are FUNDED and put together by their record labels, investors, and studios! Based on what they WANT you to see.

Believe it or not, we are slowly but surely progressing into more evolved times. People are finally beginning to question the "truth" as we are becoming more and more "WOKE". People are beginning the want for more substance, and quality than superficiality.

There are still MANY role models that are influencing society towards higher ground. Thank God for these people or else I feel we would all be lost! Many of these high profiled people are involved in many humanitarian, philanthropic, empowering, and activist in nature;

For women; Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, just to name a few are all continuing to empower people specifically women and remind them that they are MORE than their bodies and that anything is possible if they continue education and their pursuit towards fulfilling their dreams.

For men; Obama, Kendrick Lamar, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tony Robbins, T.D. Jakes, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Denzel Washington, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Zuckerberg, are all beginning talks of an uprising and evolutionary push towards making a difference, rebelling against the now "norm" of promoting superficiality, and misogynistic portrayals of women.

Some of the greatest role models are now only of the past and can still be appreciated and learned from; Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, JFK -all have greatly impacted and imprinted upon society without whom things would never be the same...


The evolution of our "role models" have severely plummeted into a classless flashy and eccentric state of being. Leaving me wondering, where did we go wrong?

In the fifties, the classy yet scandalous Marilyn Monroe was beginning to take up a position as an "ideal/ role model" for women. A full figured, sexy, yet classy woman was now portrayed in the mainstream Hollywood films. Through time tip toeing the line of implied sex has faded leading to more explicit examples of sexual exploitation. With our permission sex has become a business in and of itself, beginning with Playboy, later comes porn companies and then the mainstream media follows. The media sexually desensitized the public through the highly impactful transformation of Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera from the 90's to the early 2000's. Then, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Amber Rose, are just among the few mainstream women who have let it publicly be okay to be exploited through overzealous means of sexual stimulation.

There has been an evolution mostly for the worse when it comes to the behavior and representation of men. Men should have class, men should be respectful. Respect is not given, it is earned. When you go on a date bring flowers, open the door for her. It is time to bring back the style of respect that went "out of style" the moment the "grill" came into "style"...

The time is now, and the uprising has begun to take its course. The representation and dignity of men and women are currently being scrutinized and discussed. The importance of impacting our youth has never been as vital as it is now, with our government and corporations weeding out all of the "bad seeds" of misconduct, it is easy to see the progression towards respect. Let's do our part to be a role model and not a bad influence...

Until Next Time


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