The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: Battle Your Depression

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 

4 Keys to Battle Your Depression

In today's day in age, we are living in such a chaotic hustle and bustle society that we often forget the major components that bring happiness into our daily lives.

As humans, I believe we are susceptible to linger towards the "blue periods" as I like to call them. These are momentary lapses where happiness falls wayside and depression trumps our state of mind. What is the cause? Does everyone go through this?

I say yes. I have talked to MANY people and the feelings are mutual for everyone. This is something that is not regularly discussed, the fact that EVERYONE suffers through momentary depression usually concealing their true feelings of emotion from everyone around them.

Depression is discussed often, but generally only towards those who suffer a battle of chronic severe depression. Not often discussed that EVERYBODY at one time or another is exposed to these same emotions. We lie to others, and we lie to ourselves as we say everything is "GREAT!/ FINE./ I'M WELL, HOW ARE YOU!?"

As we dissect our own lives we generally realize we have all the blessings that need to be in line; good health, food on our plate, a loving family, a house over our head, a job etc. But what exactly is lacking that leads us to linger in the dark?

The Prescription for Happiness

1. Community: Most of us are so caught up and busy with work, school, etc. Often so much that we barely have time to connect with a true "community" in which we can relate, bond, and celebrate. Some people are lucky enough to have a sense of loving "community" at work, school, church, or family. But I often find myself isolated due to a busy schedule. During these isolating moments, I find that the feelings of anxiety, despair, and depression deepen. Leading me to believe that as human beings we NEED each other. Just as ants have their colony we are to hand in hand work, live, and celebrate together. This sense of community is often strongest when surrounded by those with similar beliefs, views, and purpose. It also helps to surround yourself with a group of people that will elevate your comfort zone, dragging you willingly or unwillingly into a higher dimension of being.

2. Meaning/ Purpose/ Authenticity: Being in alignment with what you believe to be your ultimate purpose in life. Taking steps towards fulfilling, and living up to your highest potential. Honoring your interests, talents, and skills are often what gives people a sense of purpose, and fulfillment. If you are a gifted singer, then you probably wouldn't be happy being a lawyer, or even the president of the United States. No matter the amount of power, and money unless you are living your truth then one will not be happy.

3. Gratitude: Look at what you have, not what you don't! Do not look at what's wrong, look at what's right! We must first be able to count our blessings. I like to take 5-10 minutes to reflect on everything that gives me the deepest sense of gratitude.

I was given instruction once to meditate on 5 moments, or things that I was most grateful for... I sat and watched my own thoughts...the ONLY thing that came to mind was my family; my mother, my father, my siblings, moments of baking with my grandma, moments of cooking with my grandpa. I was so moved and touched that I began to cry. I realized how blessed I was to have people in my life that loved me! Blessed to even have one moment with them, as time and life is fleeting. Enjoying it now while you can is vital, for tomorrow is never promised. Day to day most people don't reflect on this, but once you do the feeling is profound. I didn't think of my shoes, or house, or money, I thought of LOVE. Love conquers and trumps all.

4. Honoring your Mind, Body, & Soul:  It is very important to chase your highest potential, always seeking betterment and forward progression. I am not saying to not be grateful and content with your life as it is, but always seek ways to strengthen who you are and what you do.

A.) MIND: I've gone over extensively in other posts how to battle your mind through meditation, and mindfulness. But it is very important that we must disassociate who we are with our thoughts, dissect our beliefs of who we are and pay attention to what we identify our identity with to create "who we are"

B.) BODY: Putting your overall health first will be a huge benefit to your state and quality of life. Not only will your body feel better, but your state of mind will elevate. It has been proven that exercise cause endorphins and endorphins make you happy. It's just science! Through exercise and a consumption of a healthy diet, you will feel TREMENDOUS and will feel a HUGE difference between your quality of being.

C.) SOUL: Incorporating a spiritual practice into your daily life will be vital in fueling your life endeavors and revitalizing your soul's energy. This does not mean you must go to church, you can take a 10-20 minute guided meditation on gratitude each morning. You will begin to feel more purposeful, energized, attentive and alert. Thus increasing your mental stamina, battling and warding off your depressive state of mind.

If we are happy or sad, just know we are not alone! It is okay to be sad, we ALL often face those dark nights of the soul in deep reflection with who we are, what we do, our mistakes, our failures, etc. As LONG AS WE ARE STILL BREATHING WE HAVE PURPOSE. A new day is the biggest blessing that we are graced with, another chance to get out there and do something different!



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